I was cleaning my computer room at home today; a chore I take on once every decade or so whether it needs it or not. While I was at it, I started looking at some of the cool digital forensics related stuff I’ve collected over the last few years. I took pictures of some of it so I could share them with the 2 or 3 people who actually read this blog (said 2 or 3 people includes me, sadly). Anyway, here’s the pictures. Click on the picture if you can’t see the caption.

The digital forensics world has kept me clothed for years now. Not sure I even own any clothes these days that don’t have something about forensics printed on them.

Some great challenge coins. I received the SANS coin for my contributions to the SANS DFIR blog. The NYPD coin came from my good buddy Joe Garcia. The KPMG coin came from David Nides, while the NSA coin came from a secret agent I know.


I was very excited to get the opportunity to fill in for David Nides at the 2013 WACCI conference. Only three people showed up for my session, but what the heck.

DFIR work makes you thirsty. Here’s a couple things I got to help with that problem.

One of my truly prized possessions. I won the Forensic 4cast Digital Forensic Blog of the Year in 2013 and I am still very honored. Thank you to all who voted for me, even though Corey should have won.

That’s it for now!

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